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40 Days To Personal

A Breakthrough Program to Radically

Change Your Body and Awaken the Sacred Within Your Soul



 The 40 Days To Personal Revolution Program is a six week Baptiste Yoga  commitment that will revolutionize your life both on and off your mat.


Through out the program we'll explore Baron Baptiste's '40 Days To Personal Revolution' book and its powerful themes and laws of transformation within. 

Manifest the most profound results in all areas of your life with this program as your guide.

Our Next Program begins February 26th!

Program runs Everyday  for 40 Days!




I’ve never practiced from the foundation up so this was a great learning and the strength at my core is stronger than ever.


 What I took out of this program is that on the 41st day I felt so strong, so alive and willing to do it all over again because it made me a better person.

Get on your mat and join this program! It will change your life!

I would do it again tomorrow!


I can do a 75 minute class with two kids running around. I just have to plan it, either way there might be some interruptions but I can still get it done! It just fits in your life. It makes you find You! It is mind and body and a total shift in your life.  It helps you awaken things that you didn’t even know had to be awakened. It builds confidence and you do this with such wonderful powerful woman with a really good instructor it just fits! It’s amazing!



Mel Penney

Every time I participate in and lead this powerful program I am reminded  to come back to the real me, the best me, the me I get to choose to create everyday!  This program engages you every day for 40 days. Your commitment to the work of the program will continue to provide insights and results long after the program has ended. I am ready now to be there for you every step of the way.

 The question is, are you ?

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