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Own Your Light Yoga is honoured to offer impactful ways to deepen your yoga practice. The 40 Days To Personal Revolution Program is a six week Baptiste Yoga  commitment that will revolutionize your life both on and off your mat.


Through out the program we explore Baron Baptiste's '40 Days To Personal Revolution' book and its powerful themes and laws of transformation within. 

Part  of what makes this program so extraordinary is your group. Your group is an access to support and  connection through out your journey. 


Manifests the most profound results in all areas of your life with this program as your guide. Enrolment is now open.

Our Next Programs begin January 25

Program runs Monday- Friday at 10:30 AM for 6 weeks




My overall experience was a return to believing in myself and feeling empowered and inspired to continue with meditation especially because it’s the part I had always left out.  This 40 days I was more committed to doing the meditation and I discovered that when I don’t meditate I am off center.  

The way the program was rolled out and being able to participate in the yoga practice everyday I think it kept me accountable to do the practice daily and by starting at the foundation I’ve discovered new possibilities in the asana.  I am able to sit cross legged with more ease.  I’m exploring my headstands and discovering what’s possible and it’s exciting.  I’ve never practiced from the foundation up so this was a great learning and the strength at my core is stronger than ever.  

The inquiry into my personal revolution was and is a noticing of when I am not n integrity with my own choices and way of being.  I chose to give up wine (stay sober) and give up junk food and it’s almost a week later and I still haven’t had it and don’t really want it either..  Through the diet component of the program I gave up the idea that some foods are bad, and can let go of the guilt that I created if I ate something I thought was a “bad” food.  Now I continue to eat clean knowing that it feels good to fuel up with whole nutritious fruits and veggies that contribute to my vitality and energy.  Eating intuitively is a new way that makes sense.  It’s allowed me to think of food differently and I feels good.


After the 40 days I have a healthy glow on my face, I feel lighter and more energetic.  I’m proud of my commitment to the program and the new found strength that I’ve developed along with exciting new possibilities to work towards in my practice.  Recognizing when I’m out of alignment and holding myself back from being the real me that comes from inside, full of potential and shining my light on purpose.


Thank-you Mel for facilitating this program.  What you presented was real and authentic and gave each and everyone of us a space to be vulnerable, to inspire others, to be inspired and it was so perfect.  I loved the whole program and felt connected to each person in the group.  From the bottom of my heart I thank you!!


It is a wonderful program! I would tell everyone and anyone that they can do this program. What I loved about this program was that we were interacting every day with these lovely people and with these lovely yogis and we started building our strength from the very first day to the 40th day. And what brought me to this program that I was in awes,  was that when we all put our work together it works wonderfully!  We come in together, we breathe together, we inspire each other and this is what made this program so successful this time was for me that everybody was right in it from the beginning!

For me 40 days keeps me in the work from day one. What was brought to me through this program is to always be committed every day that growth is so important. Whether it’s in your practice or in your daily life, when you start doing the asana, the meditation, and really inquire about your food what I got out of it was that The Whole Is The Goal,  if you do all of these,  it brings you joy because it makes your body happy and  your mind and your spirit ! I would recommend this program to everyone it is so achievable!


It was so great that we saw each other everyday, practiced everyday, we had mini meetings everyday and we got to share our break downs and break throughs withe group, just the experience we can get from listening to other people sharing. It was a wonderful experience to have. I feel that this program brings people together and we always think that we’re alone but we’re not, because always have support. Everyday we shared and practiced and sweated even if it was hard we stayed. The teacher was awesome because she kept us here ,in this moment, at every every practice, at every meeting and every moment. It was all right here,  in this moment! So if people think that zoom is not real, join this program and you will really see the difference.

What I took out of this program is that on the 41st day I felt so strong, so alive and willing to do it all over again because it made me a better person.

Get on your mat and join this program! It will change your life!

I would do it again tomorrow!



Hi! I’m Missy, I live in Penhold Alberta! I have two kids one is five and one is six months and that is me! I work from home and I am totally in love with yoga on now!

40 days to personal revolution is fun, it’s energizing, it’s awakening and it’s so hard. And you sweat and it’s so worth it!

Some of the benefits that I have received from participating in the 40 days are more self-awareness and more realization that I can make time for this no matter what. I can do a 75 minute class with two kids running around. I just have to plan it, either way there might be some interruptions but I can still get it done! It just fits in your life. It makes you find You! It is mind and body and a total shift in your life.  It helps you awaken things that you didn’t even know had to be awakened. It builds confidence and you do this with such wonderful powerful woman with a really good instructor it just fits! It’s amazing!

I would recommend 40 Days a billion percent! Being a stay at home, working mom that has little to no time every day. I learned  you can totally find the time to do it. The kids will adjust, if they’re climbing on you when you’re in down dog it’s okay it just works those muscles a little bit more and  it makes things more fun! It’s a true experience one that you’ll never forget. You grow with it your whole life. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a studio or online, you’re still going to have that connection with the people that you are in the group with! You get to talk with them, we still have mini groups, yeah we we can’t hug or physically see people but you can see what they are going through, you can still understand what they’re going through you can help them no matter what.

40 days made me more open to other people, it made me more open to other women.To step on your mat every morning and build, you go from 20 to 45 to 60 to 75 to 90! it is huge when you get to that 90, when you get there it's like yeah I killed it and it’s awesome ! It’s a really, really awesome experience and 40 days goes by really fast!

I would totally recommend it doesn’t matter who you are or how many kids you got it doesn’t matter, you can do it!



Melissa Penney

I am beyond excited to facilitate this amazing Yoga program and share the powerful practices of Baptiste Yoga! The journey of 40 Days To Personal Revolution is an opportunity to delve deep into yourself,  integrate powerful daily habits and get connected to an amazing community! I am so honored to share these powerful life changing tools with you! As your facilitator and yoga teacher I get to see the transformation that takes place right from the start. I get to see you get stronger. I get to see you breakthrough what holds you back. I get to see you shine!

However, If I told you that you were going to come up against yourself and that you will at some point definitely want to quit the program that may deter you from moving forward. I want to be truthful! The truth is this program is far from easy! For one, it asks you to look at how you are showing up in all areas of your life and then asks YOU to get real! It asks of you to show up! It asks of you to commit! It asks of you to drop all the masks we all wear and leave them behind for good! The truth is, this work is profound! The truth is it will change your life! The truth is YOU are so very worth it! You, my beautiful friend are worth this work!

This program offers the chance for us to ask our selves what we truly desire to create in life on and off the mat! I am always left with the feeling that this work is way bigger than little me. I often ponder this question,  Who Am I to share this work? Then I ponder, Who Am I not to?  Every time I participate in and lead this powerful program I am reminded  to come back to the real me, the best me, the me I get to choose to create everyday!  This program engages you every day for 40 days. Your commitment to the work of the program will continue to provide insights and results long after the program has ended. I am ready now to be there for you every step of the way.

 The question is, are you ?


Roll Out Your Mat & Be Inspired!


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