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 40 Days To Personal Revolution is a six week Baptiste Yoga program that will revolutionize your life both on and off your mat.


Throughout the program we'll explore Baron Baptiste's '40 Days To Personal Revolution' book and its powerful themes and laws of transformation within. 

Manifest the most profound results in all areas of your life with this program as your guide.


 Program begins Sunday October 20th!

11:00 AM on Zoom

1:30 PM in studio 

This program uses daily yoga, meditation, journaling, diet, and weekly group meetings as pathways to your vitality, power, and freedom.



I am so excited you are here! Should you decide to join the program each week we will meet as a group to dive into yoga practice, meditation, balancing diet, and inquiry. These practices are intended to be pathways to vitality, personal power and freedom. Please purchase a copy of Baron Baptiste's 40 Days to Personal Revolution as your manual, and pick up or print off our program packet for your journey. As a group we travel through the pages of Baron's bestseller reading a specific sections each week. As the program progresses it reveals a weekly theme, 12 laws of transformation and a focus around building powerful habits, that in turn build a powerful you!Each week new course work will become available under practice, meditation, balancing diet, and inquiry. These daily practices are focused on creating  powerful habits that contribute to your transformation and awakening. 


The program encourages 6 days of yoga and one day of rest per week. We begin with a 20 minute daily yoga practice and build each week with time and intensity. Members of 40 days are granted  unlimited yoga in studio.

You can commit to your daily practice by:

  • Following along with the weekly home practice video  

  • Attending any in studio class

  • Creating your own home practice from the 40 days' book

Yoga Instructor


 This program encourages you to take your seat. We begin with a simple 5 minute practice twice a day and build from there. Each week more time is added giving you the opportunity to create a lasting habit over 40 Days. Baron shares first you build your habits and then your habits build you!


 This program encourages you to make small shifts in your diet to bring the body back into its natural balance. You may desire to begin a food log or food journal to track your diet and behaviors. You can expect to let  go of the excess that holding you back.

Raw Vegetables
Notebook and Pen


Each week the program asks thought provoking questions for you to journal on. Being committed to excavation is an access to getting truthful with yourself and ultimately awakening to the power you have within. 


Every week we meet as a group to connect and expand on the work of the program. Meetings are 75-90 minutes in length and are hosted at the studio or on zoom. Please bring along a journal, pen, and an open heart and mind.

Reading a Book


This program at its core is self led, which means you are in charge of you. The investment of your energy, attention and focus will deliver amazing results on and off the mat.

You can read through all 12 Laws of Transformation to begin or you can read the 2 laws called on each week as we go.  

Please come to the first meeting having read:

-Laws 1 & 2

-Week 1 Presence 

It is my absolute pleasure to answer any questions you may have about
anything regarding the 40 Days program, meetings, practices, resources
etc. Please reach out for extra support
if you need it.
Mel Penney

Your 40 Days Coach


OwnYourLight2022_Mel seated.jpg

Mel Penney

Every time I participate in and lead this powerful program I am reminded  to come back to the real me, the best me, the me I get to choose to create everyday!  This program engages you every day for 40 days. Your commitment to the work of the program will continue to provide insights and results long after the program has ended. I am ready now to be there for you every step of the way.

 The question is, are you ?



I’ve never practiced from the foundation up so this was a great learning and the strength at my core is stronger than ever.


 What I took out of this program is that on the 41st day I felt so strong, so alive and willing to do it all over again because it made me a better person.

I would do it again tomorrow!


 It helps you awaken things that you didn’t even know had to be awakened. It builds confidence and you do this with such wonderful powerful women and with a really good instructor it just fits! It’s amazing!


Every week course work and resources will become available. Do the work and experience profound results in body, mind and spirit. Unlock your potential today! Sneak Peak Week 1.

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