Own Your Light Yoga aims to deliver an uplifting and authentic experience every time you roll out your mat with us. Your mat is the perfect place to meet yourself exactly as you are, create more peace and ease, and of course commit to your best self. We believe that when we unite to move, to breathe and to be true to ourselves we transform our lives from the inside out.

Hit your mat, get grounded and feel uplifted by your Yoga community today!



Your favourite Yoga classes delivered under the sun! Join us for outdoor yoga in the beautiful Lakeside Park beside the lighthouse in Sylvan Lake.


Virtual Yoga Classes are a great way to roll out your mat at home or wherever you are and be guided by your incredible teachers. With only a few clicks you're on zoom with your community!

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Journey Into Power

This yoga practice will challenge your edges, awaken your body and enhance your physical performance. You can expect an intense vinyasa flow that is led by inspirational teachers who want to see you shine! This powerful sequence is intended to be a pathway to vitality, power and freedom. The teachers of Baptiste Yoga believe, that it is through the physical practice that possibilities are created, and that through the possibilities, empowerment is born. Reclaim your personal power on and off the mat!


 Yin Yoga

Grab your blankets and pillows and get ready to relax into a Yin Yoga practice. This class targets the deep connective tissues with the use of long holds, support of props and a focus on the breath. Release tension, feel more relaxed and really slow down. This class is a great way to create balance in your body and mind. In this practice of stillness we are challenged to just be. Don't underestimate the power of yin! Yin is in!


Gentle Flow

This yoga class is focused on the physical foundations and slowly building strength and flexibility from the ground up.This class is especially accessible for those who may be turned away from the traditional power and fast paced styles of practice.  There are no traditional Sun Salutations here. Get great results as you explore the benefits of a regular yoga practice in this accessible way. All levels are welcome and no experience is necessary to enjoy a Gentle Flow! Create strength, flexibility and overall well being in this slow and gradual way. Discover what is possible with your amazing teachers today! 


 Beginner Yoga

is class will introduce you to basic yoga poses that will move your body into gentle movements. This practice will bring an overall body strength, flexibility, balance and also range of motion into your being. 

No yoga experience is required.

Come as you are and not as you should be. 


 Ebb & Flow 

The perfect practice of yin and yang. This class starts still and slowly builds into a vinyasa practice. You can expect a focus on the long holds of Yin Yoga and creative flows that get your body moving, twisting and stretching. Release tension, build strength and feel renewed. This class delivers the best of both worlds! 


 Meditative Flow 

In this class you can expect an invitation to transcend the mind (thinking) and into the heart (feeling).Through our devotion to practice we can experience and learn that it is  in this space that the deepest healing can happen. Class is structured to breath with movement in flow for about 45-50 minutes, then you are guided into Savasana and are able to drop down into a more internal state of being. This is where you find your blissful happy space, where imagination and happiness and ultimately creation is possible.

See you on your mat for Meditative Flow soon!