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Join our teacher team for upcoming yoga workshops in studio! Enjoy special offerings highlighting Arm Balancing, Restorative yoga,  Sun Salutations, Yin and more!

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Welcome to special offerings at Own Your Light Yoga. Join us in studio for workshops, sound meditations and more. Let's connect off the mat!



Sound healing has the power to create, move & change energy. It is based on the principle of 'sympathetic resonance' meaning the vibration & frequency of the sounds naturally bring everything in its surrounding to the same state of harmony. Bringing the physical body, mind & emotions into a state of stability, harmony & health. We'll be using a blend of crystal & tibetan bowls, along with drums, bells, gongs, guitar & more! Some benefits you might experience: Elimination of stress Induces complete relaxation Promotes deep meditation Relieves anxiety Releases physical pain Decreases depression Unlocks blocked emotions Relieves insomnia Chakra balancing Not recommended for those with pacemakers or epilepsy. Please bring whatever you'd like to make a comfy spot, yoga mat, blanket, pillows for knees & head, eye mask, crystals, water.



Dive into Energy and Chakras with Zodie!

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